35 Movies You Need To See This Summer

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (May 2)


Most moviegoers were skeptical when it was announced that Spider-Man was getting a reboot a mere five years after Spider-Man 3, but that was all set aside when audiences first had a chance to see Andrew Garfield as everyone’s favorite webslinger in The Amazing Spider-Man. Now, two years later, Garfield, director Marc Webb and much of the reboot’s cast are back for the sequel, which looks to be bigger and better than ever before.

While the Lizard (Rhys Ifans) was a formidable foe, he’s just not nearly as dangerous as Electro (Jamie Foxx), not only in damage that can be done to the city, but also in terms of the threat towards Spidey. Throw in a few more exciting villains, like Rhino and the Green Goblin, and you can be sure that Marc Webb’s sequel will have you hanging onto the edge of your seat. Don’t believe us? Just check out the incredible trailer below.

Plus, it’s all building towards some very exciting stuff. With spin-off films planned for Venom and the Sinister Six, watching Sony continue to grow their Amazing Spider-Man universe in this summer’s sequel should be a real treat, and a refreshing change of pace for those who are growing tired of Marvel’s antics.

– Alexander Lowe

Chef (May 9)


Chef was the first film I saw this year that I truly loved. Delightful every step of the way, Jon Favreau’s return to his indie roots is a delicious treat that gets better with every bite. I had the pleasure of catching it at the South By Southwest Film Festival in Austin back in March, and ever since I’ve been eager for its May 9th theatrical release so that I could give it a second viewing.

While Chef is a mouth-watering experience, especially for foodies, it’s about so much more than just a talented chef cooking savory food. At its core, the film presents a beautiful and heartfelt story that acts very much like an allegory for Favreau’s own career. The parallels are clear to anyone who’s followed the director since his early days and, as our own Matt Donato said, Chef is really Favreau coming “full circle in his filmmaking career.”

No other film this year has impressed me more than Chef, and I cannot wait to bite into it again.

– Matt Joseph

Neighbors (May 9)


21 Jump Street refined the formula of pairing a schlubby Apatow cast member with a modern-day sex symbol, but Neighbors takes it to a whole new level. Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are an inspired duo of rivals. The seasoned comedian plays a sweet-hearted “Papa Bear” hoping to protect his newborn from the loud, rowdy new neighbours – a fraternity headed by a filthy-mouthed Zac Efron, along with Dave Franco. Rose Byrne also has what is reportedly a scene-stealing supporting role as Rogen’s determined wife, on board with his all-out war with the college boys next door.

Summer has become the go-to season for raunchy, outrageous R-rated fun, and early buzz out of SXSW was wild in all of the good ways. Neighbors has a simple comic premise with a lot of potential for uproarious jokes – the ones in early trailers have been terrific. It also has the credentials to be a big summer hit that can delight party animals, young and old.

– Jordan Adler