4 ‘Spider-Man’ movies are exploding on streaming ahead of ‘No Way Home’

As one of the most iconic and popular characters on the planet, there hasn’t really been any danger of audiences suffering from Spider-Man overkill, despite the sheer volume of live-action projects starring the web-slinging superhero to have made their way to theaters over the last 20 years.

Sam Raimi’s trilogy wrapped up in disappointing fashion with Spider-Man 3, before Andrew Garfield suited up for the first time just five years later in The Amazing Spider-Man. When Sony’s second franchise imploded at the second hurdle, Tom Holland debuted in Captain America: Civil War less than two years after Garfield’s sequel had been released.

Next month’s No Way Home marks Holland’s sixth time under the costume, with his predecessors making their fourth and third respectively should the rumors turn out to be true, and if you include the post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, then we’re about to see Spider-Man’s twelfth movie appearance in 19 years.

Of course, that’s done nothing to dampen the enthusiasm, at least among HBO customers. As per FlixPatrol, there are no less than four Spider-Man blockbusters flying high on the streaming charts, with Homecoming and Far From Home being joined by The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 3, ensuring that each version of Peter Parker is being represented.