Five Actors Who Could Star In A Lance Armstrong Film

Lance Armstrong has officially given up the fight against his doping allegations, and in return has received a lifetime ban from the sport along with being stripped of all 7 of his Tour de France titles. This may mark the end of a long saga for one of the biggest athletes in the sport, and certainly the most famous cyclist in the world.

The whole process has been controversial, and his career was as storied as they come. He may have lost his titles, and will now be viewed as guilty in the eyes of most fans, but he is still an inspiration to those fighting cancer, making him the perfect subject for a biopic.

A Lance Armstrong film has been rumored on and off for nearly a decade, but it has never come to fruition. With this recent development in his career though, I’m sure the major Hollywood studios are rushing to put together a biopic, but the big questions is, who is the ideal actor to take on the lead role?

In an attempt to answer that, I’ve compiled a list of five actors that I think would thrive in an Armstrong film.

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