8 Awesome Moments From The Second Power Rangers Trailer

8) The Humour


As we said above, the first trailer got many worried that Power Rangers would take an unnecessary self-serious approach to a, let’s face it, very silly franchise. Thankfully, this second trailer makes it clear from the off that there will be a lot of levity and brightness to the movie.

While the last preview focused on how these five teenagers were all loners with attitude problems, this one quickly teams them together as unlikely friends. “We’re all screw-ups,” says Naomi Scott’s Kimberly, presumably meant in a team-bonding way.

The humour comes out in the scene where their power coins give them their own unique coloured glow and Zack (Ludi Lun) shares a bit of banter with Billy (RJ Cyler). It’s an exchange that will probably be funnier in the context of the movie, but it still does a good job of showing how the Rangers quickly become a tight-knit group.

A much broader moment happens when Becky Gomez’ Trini goes home and is honest about her day; telling her family that she discovered a spaceship and became a superhero. “Pee in this cup!” orders someone who is presumably her mom.