5 Directors Who Must Have Really Messed Up Minds


I like messed up movies. I do my best to let the world know that and hope that an audience who likes similar material finds my writing. There is just something exceptional about taking a dark ride, willingly. Going to the places most choose to avoid (whether in the medium of art or just in the subject of the taboo in general). As much as we get to enjoy some forays into the absurd and twisted and bizarre, can you imagine what it must be like to direct such a film?

We experience a movie in the matter of 90-120 minutes, but for directors, making these films come to life can sometimes take years. That means they live inside these twisted worlds they create much longer than any of us would be willing to. While the thought of someone playing a role for an extended time in one of those worlds may seem daunting, imagine being given the task of helping build the world and bring it to life?


There are a handful of famous (and slightly infamous) directors out there whose work seems to always take us some place exceptionally dark, ripping us from our comfort zones. I, for one, cannot imagine what their brains must be like. You know how sometimes you go to lie down at night and sleep and your mind is just racing with thoughts, sometimes dark and bizarre in nature? That is what these directors minds must be like, all the f*cking time.

Here are 5 directors who must have really messed up minds. Please understand, that is not an insult. In most cases, I find the work of these five directors to be miles above others in their field. But let’s not pretend the stuff they create does not come from some twisted place, because it clearly does. Not that there is anything wrong with that, though.