7 Things You Need To See In The Final Logan Trailer

6) We Got Ourselves An X-Men Fan

X-Men Logan

Speaking of X-Men comics, the trailer gives us the unexpected reveal that Marvel’s comics about the children of the atom actually exist in the X-Men movie universe.

“We got ourselves an X-Men fan,” Logan says, when he finds a couple of Laura’s The Uncanny X-Men comics. Judging by his following line of dialogue – “maybe a quarter of it happened, but not like this” – it seems that the X-Men’s many exploits over the years spawned a comic book series. This is at odds with most of the previous movies depicting Xavier’s team as social pariahs rather than celebrated heroes. Perhaps, in the post-Days of Future Past timeline, the X-Men did become the fully-fledged superheroes from the comic book world. However, this probably came to an end when whatever tragedy caused mutant kind to die out.

As Logan flicks through the book, we can see that it features classic comic depictions of Rogue, Storm and, most importantly, Wolverine – complete with his traditional yellow outfit. Fans had been hoping that Jackman would finally don the costume on screen in this movie, but – even if he doesn’t – at least it appears in Logan in some form.