The 5 Most Pointless Remakes In Movie History


Remakes and sequels. You could claim that that’s Hollywood down to a tee. When you look at the endless amounts of recycled cinematic sludge that comes out year after year in theatres, it’s tough to argue. Sequels and remakes now often make more money than originals, no matter how lazily assembled, sloppily made, and blatantly half-assed they are.

It’s easy to attack sequels and remakes because there are so many bad ones out there, but if you’re willing to look for them, there are a few excellent films that have been reshaped into intriguing new concepts and steered in different directions. In the rare cases of The Fly in 1986, Scarface in 1983, or The Departed in 2006, remakes can actually be better than the source material they’re based on.

Whilst many movie retreads are of considerably poor quality, it’s easy to see why they’ve been made. Rehashing successful movie material from history is often a sure-fire way to make a quick buck, and there aren’t many people at the top of Hollywood who aren’t looking to get a little richer.

But then there are the remakes that simply have no need to exist. Movies that have absolutely no discernible purpose in the world of cinema. The following 5 such movies are prime examples, and can be considered as cheap, pointless renditions of far superior films made before them. Stay well away, guys.