5 Reasons Why We’re Skeptical Of Deadpool


4) It’s Made By Fox


Another problem I fear for the film is that it will be covered in Fox’s stench. Fantastic Four is an example of what I’m talking about. The director and studio both had different ideas for that film, which ended up with the movie feeling like an unfinished pet project, even with chunks of it seeming to be missing. I’d absolutely hate for the ideas presented by Tim Miller to not exactly jive with Fox’s overall picture, only for them to remove several things from the film post-production.

I say this because looking at how Fantastic Four turned out, Deadpool could absolutely be dragged through the mud by film critics everywhere, and that wouldn’t help the character at all. It’d actually set him back quite a few years back, with any studio being tense or even afraid of even considering making another film revolving around him.

That being said, Deadpool does have a glimmer of hope in it in the fact that it seems to be going against Fox’s policy of not allowing the characters to appear in their comic book costumes on film. Not to mention Colossus finally looks like the Colossus from the comics, which is an automatic plus.

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