5 Reasons Why Wonder Woman Is DC’s Best Film Since The Dark Knight


Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is a gem. Released between two heavily-hyped MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) films, the hero’s solo adventure stands as the only DC feature to debut this summer. As such, it needed to stand tall against Marvel’s might lest it strengthen the stigma now surrounding many DC properties. Thankfully, it does that and so much more. Jenkins’ deep understanding, coupled with her obvious love for what Diana stands for, makes her one of the only directors truly capable of delivering a film worthy of this incredible character. Gal Gadot shines bright too, of course, bringing levity and love to a titular role that requires both but guarantees neither.

The glut of subpar superhero films currently being advertised and released certainly didn’t bolster the movie’s marketing campaign, but it did allow the picture to shine through the crap currently being pushed by DC. Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad were both pretty underwhelming, which is why it was so important for Wonder Woman to succeed. Not to mention that both Justice League and The Batman are big unknowns right now, meaning that Jenkins’ effort could be the franchise’s only win for a while.

On a lighter note, it’s not too bold to say that Wonder Woman is DC’s best effort since 2008’s momentous The Dark Knight. It’s not a high bar to clear by any stretch, especially given the poor reception and even poorer quality of the two aforementioned DCEU entries. However, beating out The Dark Knight Rises takes some serious work. Luckily, Wonder Woman is sublime; Jenkins crams so much excellence into a 140-minute movie that it’s impossible to imagine a cut more compelling, engaging and inviting than the one we got. And here, you’ll find 5 reasons why the film is so damn good.