5 Romantic Comedies That Are Inexplicably Good

Allow me to take a moment to point out how absurd romantic comedies are as a genre. I don’t care if I sound old and jaded and bitter. I know why the genre exists. It exists to give women some fleeting hope that some dickless fool will stand in the rain and monologue to her about how life is pointless without her. It is a genre specifically catered to lonely women, meant to make it so they can fill their sorry lives with a millimetre worth of hope that they might not die alone in their apartment some night while eating Cheetos and watching The Bachelorette.

Cool. I can dig on that. And horror exists for sickos like me to live vicariously through. I get it, and it’s all good. But just because the romantic comedies that come out are usually fluff and filler not worthy of wasting a second on, there are a handful of romantic comedies that are, GASP, actually good. Well written love stories that are often honest and funny, while also sending home some sweet message about how love can save you (excuse me while I go laugh to death at that line).

It is with that thinking in mind that I present to you 5 romantic comedies that somehow don’t suck on a huge bag of coal. Yes, believe it or not, good romantic comedies do exist.