4 Inferior Talking Vehicle Movies Sure To Follow Disney’s Planes

3. Bikes


Cheesy tagline: Free-wheeling through the cycle of life.

Potential plot: Spoke, a unicycle born to two world-famous racing bikes, has always dreamed of racing in the world’s most dangerous biking event: the Himalayan Hundred, so named for the number of intrepid bikes selected to undertake it each year. Scoffed at by everyone around him, Spoke leaves home determined to find a way to compete. When he comes across the reclusive former racing champion Ratchet in a mountain cave, Spoke convinces the legendary bike to help him prepare for the grueling race. To triumph over the other racers, including fearsome tricycles, Spoke will need to pedal harder than ever before.

4. Subs


Cheesy tagline: Prepare to be submerged in adventure.

Potential plot: Sonar, a brash young submarine, runs away from home and joins an expedition to uncharted waters, desperate to see more of his world. After becoming caught in a strong current and separated from the rest of his group, Sonar wanders the ocean floor alone until he encounters an eccentric Russian submersible by the name of Typhoon, who introduces him to the risky sport of pressure diving. Hoping to find his way home, Sonar agrees to join a skilled team of pressure-diving subs who travel the world in search of the most dangerous places to compete.

So there you have it, folks. Four other vehicles that will surely be getting their own films one day. Do any of these stick out as particularly good/bad ideas to you? Let us know in the comments below.