The 5 Worst Comedy Movies Of 2012


Comedy is probably the hardest genre to get right. You never know just how people are going to take a joke, even if it’s hilarious on paper. Many films try admirably to have audiences rolling in the aisles, only to have them snigger occasionally and fake guffaw – and usually because they feel bad for the filmmakers or actors they like. Writing funny jokes on paper and then hiring actors who can deliver said jokes exactly as intended – enough to make audiences believe as though that’s the first time the joke has ever been said – is freakin’ tough.

Most comedies don’t make it out of the theatre with their dignity still in tact as a result. The majority are so bad, in fact, that they don’t even garner the pity laugh: instead, they leave audiences in a state of shock, wondering just how a team of talented human beings got together and shot for months on end, convinced that the end results would prove good enough to amuse people.

Generally speaking, this year has been a pretty awful year for good comedy films – especially if Ted is considered one of the best to have emerged, given that it’s utterly average in every way. Join us as we countdown the absolute worst comedy movies of 2012, though – movies so bad that they should be considered genuine crimes against comedy and all who strive to bring honor to the genre.

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  1. I didn’t think the 3 Stooges was really bad. The Farrellys knew they were taking a big gamble with this, trying to revive an old classic act. This has been talked about for decades only to be dropped at the last minute. Most filmmakers concluded that the Stooges were so unique you really couldn’t touch them.
    But the Farrellys came pretty close if not completely in capturing the style and spirit of these guys. The dead on impressions they did were really good. And it was kind of fun with the slightly more risque elements in the humor that the original Stooges would have never gotten away with in the 30s like Curly farting in the water.
    Close Farrellys, but only half a cigar.

  2. Charged09says:

    I’m a bit surprised “The Watch” wasn’t on this list due to the 0% it got on this site. I haven’t seen any of these movies and I don’t plan on it

  3. stephaniesays:

    i don’t agree with what to expect when your expecting, madea or that’s my boy. I don’t care what people think i loved those movies. lol.

  4. Would OF loved? Write much?

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