6 Captain America: Civil War Questions That Avengers: Age Of Ultron Left Us


6) What’s Next For The Hulk?


One of the biggest lingering plot threads from Age of Ultron is the fate of Bruce Banner, who was last seen piloting a quinjet away from Sokovia. It’s worth noting that he did this while still in Hulk mode, though he did it calmly, as if he was in control of the big green rage monster. We knew that Bruce had a good handle on his transformations (thanks to the “I’m always angry” line in The Avengers), but this is one giant leap toward coexistence that unfortunately went unexplained.

We know why Bruce took off in the jet without telling anyone where he was going: he knows that he’s a danger those around him, and after the events of the film (especially his very destructive African rampage), he decided to distance himself from Black Widow and the rest of the team. The only question that remains is where did he go and what’s next?

While Mark Ruffalo is not yet confirmed to appear in Captain America: Civil War, he did recently hint that he’ll be smashing his way back to the MCU with the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when that film hits next May. If he does come back, what role will he play? Will we merely touch base with him, or will he come out of hiding to join sides with Tony Stark or Steve Rogers? It was recently confirmed that The Incredible Hulk‘s William Hurt will return as General “Thunderbolt” Ross, could he be spending his bit of screentime hunting down the Hulk once more?

It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting to Planet Hulk anytime soon (if at all), so right now, the sky literally is the limit for what’s next for the big green guy.

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