6 Disturbing Portrayals Of Satan In Film



If I were to bring up the devil to you, how would you envision it? Would you imagine a creature, bent at the spine and fiery red with a forked tongue? Would you imagine some massive, hulking beast, dwelling in a boiling pit of human souls, gorging himself on them and shitting them out only to eat them again? Or maybe you would see Satan as the scariest thing of all: human. Maybe you just imagine the devil as one of us, walking among us, laughing that we don’t know he or she is there. Or maybe you are one of those people who just laugh at the thought of imaginary deities that are created to keep us in line.

The truth is, there is no right or wrong. No one has seen the motherf*cker (seems an appropriate title for such a beast), so it is all purely speculation and myth. But if there is one place you want to go to get some interesting interpretations of Satan, cinema is that place.

From seeing him as the red demon many of us imagined as children, to a bearded man who could be sitting next to you in a restaurant, here are 6 disturbing (and unique) portrayals of Satan in film.

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