6 Movies For People Who Hate The Holidays

The holidays suck. I know I’m starting this article off with a jump kick of an opinion, but they really do. We run around like insane people, going from house to house, visiting people who we feel obligated to visit (usually once a year) and we all spend too much and eat too much. Also, the consumerist angle of it is exasperating. We all start the new year stressed out because we had to buy things for people we love. WHY? No one really knows, but between that and the driving and the hosting of parties and the blah blah blah, we end the holiday season wishing for the sweet release of death. Well, at least I do.

But I know I mustn’t be alone in that, because that hatred of the holidays has been reflected in many films throughout the ages. I completely understand why some people love the holidays. I really do. Maybe you guys have normal families or some shit. I’m not sure, but some people just achieve an emotional high during the season, and that is fine. This list is not here to tell you that is unjust. No, this list is here for the Scrooges like me who think it is all some big, fake ass disaster that does little but tire us and make us more in debt. There is no right or wrong here, but seriously, fuck the holidays.

So, on that note, here are 6 holiday movies for people who seem to understand the suckiness of the impending season.