6 Things We’d Like To See In A Sequel To Solo: A Star Wars Story


With its poor box office performance and lukewarm reception, it’s safe to say that Solo: A Star Wars Story has become the slightest entry of the Star Wars saga. It’s a shame really, since there’s plenty of enjoyment still to be found in the film.

Yet despite Solo’s financial setback, Lucasfilm is unlikely to alter its course any time soon. Indeed, with Jon Favreau’s TV series, Rian Johnson’s standalone trilogy and the Boba Fett movie, the galaxy is going to get a whole lot bigger in the years to come. But what of Han Solo himself? Will Alden Ehrenreich’s youthful iteration be part of the franchise’s future?

It’s difficult to say. There’s a lot to suggest that a sequel to Solo could happen. Ehrenreich is reportedly contracted for two more movies, and director Ron Howard has expressed an interest in returning. Plus, THAT cameo at the film’s conclusion certainly hints at further escapades. Yet, despite these indicators, studio execs may well shelve the project, in light of the pic’s relatively poor returns.

This outcome would be a crying shame. A second Solo has so much potential to capitalize on its predecessor’s considerable strengths, rectify its mistakes and bring something unique to Star Wars. To that end, here’s our wishlist for what we’d like to see if the studio decides to give the green light to a sequel.

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