7 Actors Who Never (Or Rarely) Star In Bad Movies



How does one decide the merit of an actor? For those just starting off, he or she may be judged by the quality of the performance in their previous film and will only be considered for more roles if that film hits a chord with an audience. However, an actor that has already proved his or her worth in the industry may not need to find the highest-quality script to ensure he or she gets work. Given a lack of strong characters for aging actors, it is no surprise that films like Last Vegas and Elsa & Fred star some of the greatest thespians of all time, but get tepid reviews.

If one decides that an actor is only as good as the consistency of the good roles they pick, there is a startling lack of worthwhile stars working in Hollywood today. Since the quality of a film’s cast is still a big factor that draws crowds into a cinema, isn’t it important to know the actors who consistently choose great to excellent scripts?

Many actors choose quantity of work over the quality of work, for a variety of reasons. Some screenplays look much better on the page than the final product does on the big screen. Others just enjoy their craft so much that they don’t mind taking roles in harmless studio product if it can provide them a chance to work with other good actors – not to forget the nice payday at the end of it. It is also not a rare occurrence for a well-regarded star to choose a film based on the financial security it will offer.

So, the number of actors giving quality performances and starring in exceptional films is much lower than one would expect. On that note, join us as we take a look at seven excellent actors who rarely give a bad performance.

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