7 Actors Who Should Appear In Upcoming Comic Book Movies


After months of speculation, Marvel and DC have finally unveiled the specifics of their vast release schedule. The combined plans of both companies will flood cinemas with new comic book movies every year for the foreseeable future, possibly until the end of time itself. While this is yet to be confirmed, what we do know is that comic book fans are now living through a golden age of cinema, where properties as varied as Shazam, Doctor Strange and The Inhumans are all now setting their sights on the box office alongside their more iconic counterparts.

Don’t like superheroes? Too bad. Even Hollywood’s finest are now all clamoring to helm their own comic book movies, but surprisingly, there are still a number of A-list stars who have yet to take the plunge into spandex. Undoubtedly, there is always some risk attached to these projects, but for every Green Lantern and Catwoman, there’s also an Iron Man or Guardians of the Galaxy which proves that taking a gamble with Marvel or DC can potentially pay off big time.

With the upcoming release schedule in mind, let’s take a look at 7 A-list actors who should appear in upcoming Marvel and DC comic book movies. Not sure which character they should play? That’s what we’re here for, so sit back and imagine how incredible these stars could be in the roles we choose.