Seven New Clips For Horror Movie Lovely Molly

Eduardo Sánchez, co-director of The Blair Witch Project has a new film opening shortly titled Lovely Molly. It’s more of a straight-forward horror film, with a few shots presented in the handheld format that he helped make popular back in the late 90s.

Today, we have 7 new videos to help promote the film. One of the clips is directly from the movie, while the other 6 act as a behind-the-scenes sort of documentary.

I’ll have to admit that the original trailer didn’t leave the best taste in my mouth and none of this new footage really changes my mind. I’ve been told by friends that the film struggles to find its footing and that it’s only good in bursts. Judging by the footage on display, I think those early reviews are dead on.

Lovely Molly stars Alexandra Holden, Gretchen Lodge and Johnny Lewis. It opens in theaters on May 18th, 2012.