7 Great Movies That Revolve Around A Kidnapping

Nine To Five (1980)


Somewhat ahead of its time, Nine To Five sees three women wreak vengeance upon a tyrannical employer, following years of sexism and misogyny. Directed by Colin Higgins, and written by Higgins and Patricia Resnick, the film sees the newly jilted Judy (Jane Fonda) take a job as a secretary at a large corporation. She encounters Violet (Lily Tomlin), who is the office supervisor, and Doralee (Dolly Parton), a secretary; and she clashes with the boss – Franklin Hart Jr. (Dabney Coleman).

It becomes clear that Hart is an objectionable excuse for a human being, who constantly makes sexist remarks in the workplace, takes credit for Violet’s ideas, bullies Judy on her first day, sexually harasses Doralee, spreads rumours about having an affair with her and promotes a less qualified man over Violet. The women, exasperated by his behaviour, discuss seeking revenge and panic when they suddenly think they have accidentally poisoned him to death.

Wanting to cover their tracks, Judy, Violet and Doralee steal a dead body from the hospital, until they realize it is not their boss. Hart discovers their treachery, however, and blackmails Doralee into agreeing to sexual favours in return for his silence. Disgusted, the women finally kidnap him, and keep him a prisoner in his own home. They use the time to implement positive change in the office, which ultimately increases productivity significantly.

Impressed by the results, the company sends Hart to head up the Brazilian branch for a number of years, while Violet is promoted to his position in his absence. In a continuation of the kidnap theme, Hart is then abducted by a local tribe in Brazil, and disappears forever.