7 Intriguing Theories About Rey’s Identity In Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens released, fans were full of questions: Where is Luke? Who is Kylo Ren? Why is that Stormtrooper a good guy? Thankfully, after seeing the movie we now know the answer to all those questions – but a bunch of others have taken their place. Is Ren now irredeemable? What is the true identity of Supreme Leader Snoke? And, the question we’ll be focusing on today: just who is Rey?

As brilliantly played by Daisy Ridley, Rey was the beating heart of the film – a modern-day Luke Skywalker and a new female hero in a world where blockbusters still don’t have enough of those. It’s a testament to how great the character is that streams of people have been flocking to the internet to theorize about who she really is.

The film didn’t give us much to work with and what it did was conflicting – we know she is a natural pilot like Han, but then she had an X-Wing helmet like Luke’s – so fans have come up with ideas that vary wildly, in both detail and plausibility, about who Rey was before she was abandoned on Jakku.

Join us, then, as we take a look at seven of the most intriguing theories regarding Rey’s identity.