7 Movie Trailers That Had Us All Fooled

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Trailers are a great way to market a film. For years they’ve been used to draw in an audience and peak our curiosity. Whether it’s by showing off exciting set pieces or revealing just enough to grab our attention while still keeping most of the biggest surprises hidden away, studios have been using movie trailers for decades now to market their films.

But, what about those movie trailers that present us an inaccurate representation of the final product? You know what I’m talking about. Who hasn’t walked into a movie having seen the trailer and been expecting one thing, only to get something totally different? It happens all the time, and whether intentional or not, we’re constantly seeing movie trailers that misrepresent the film they’re trying to market.

Here, then, are 9 movie trailers that had us all fooled. By no means are we trying to say that these films were bad, just that we ended up getting something completely different from what we had been expecting.