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7 Movies That Need Their Own Kickstarter Campaign

How much would you pay to greenlight a sequel to your favorite movie or resurrect your favorite canceled TV show for a feature length film? Would you donate $10 and receive a page of the actual script, or would you donate $10,000 in return for an on-screen talking role in the film itself? Sure, it's worked for short films and other projects, but could a big-budget film requiring millions of dollars in start-up cash be able to raise enough from the public to appease studio heads before investing themselves?

MacGruber 2

I won’t lie, fellow WGTC writer Jeremy Lebens fueled my inspirational fire on this one with a single Tweet he sent out asking for a MacGruber 2 Kickstarter campaign – or as he so cleverly deemed the sequel, MacTWOber. I know, I hope it doesn’t stick, but c’mon, it’s a little funny!

Unfortunately for MacGruber, a bumbling box office campaign saw our ill-fated comedy only muster $9,322,895 worldwide on a $10,000,000 budget, becoming just another silly SNL spin-off movie. Blame it on the niche humor, blame it on the overall brainless comedy which caused some of the few audience members in my screening to leave only twenty minutes in or blame it on the failing SNL brand – but no matter how you look at it, MacGruber won’t be coming back to the big screen if studios have anything to say about it.

With all that information though, you better believe there’s a market out there for a MacGruber 2 thanks to dickheads like me who found Will Forte’s sexually inappropriate MacGyver rip-off an absolute laugh riot. Couple that with Jorma Taccone’s growing popularity with the musical comedy trio Lonely Island, and I think you might get enough backers involved given MacGruber 2 could whip-up some awesome incentives.

Side note, Jorma did Favorite my response Tweet begging him for a sequel. Is that concrete enough evidence to suggest a sequel is on the way? No? Wishful thinking? DAMN YOU CUNTH!

Low Level Incentive: MacGruber Wig

Middle Level Incentive: Will Forte Draws Himself Pooping On You (Notebook Drawing)

High Level Incentive: Get Throat-Ripped By MacGruber (In The Movie, Obviously)

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