8 Actors Who Were Sadly Wasted In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Across the 13 movies released under its banner so far, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has featured some of the crème de la crème of Hollywood acting talent. Apart from the lead actors who it has made into stars – Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt spring to mind – it has also managed to coax a lot of very big names into roles of various sizes and importance.

Unfortunately, while it is great to see these familiar faces turning up in superhero movies, often they are portraying characters who demand a lot less of them than we are used to. A lot of Marvel’s villains alone have been played by some great actors in less than fulfilling roles, including Jeff Bridges, Mickey Rourke and Hugo Weaving.

The following stars, though, really drew the short straw when it came to dishing out parts in the MCU movies. These 8 talents were more or less completely wasted by the studio, and they definitely deserved a lot better.