8 Amazing Characters In Awful Superhero Movies

8) Kingpin – Michael Clarke Duncan, Daredevil

mcd_daredevil (1)

For years, 2003’s Daredevil was a sore point for fans of Marvel’s Man Without Fear, who were bitter that the hero was not adapted well for the screen. Since the success of the Daredevil TV show, however, the film has been swept under the carpet, and while most of it does deserve to be forgotten, one element of it is worth remembering.

Though perhaps not as layered as Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk in the Netflix series, the late, great Michael Clarke Duncan’s take on the Kingpin of Crime is still a terrific portrayal of the villain and probably the strongest part of the film. As well as being suitably heavy-set and ruthless, Duncan brings a charisma to the crime boss that makes him great to watch. He’s a hell of a lot better than most of the underwritten villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that’s for sure.

7) Human Torch – Chris Evans, Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Human Torch

If you know your superhero movies, you’ll probably already know that before he picked up Captain America’s shield, Chris Evans played another, very different, Marvel superhero. He was the The Human Torch in 2005’s Fantastic Four and its equally meh 2007 sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Despite the poor state of the films he is in, Evans absolutely nails the part of Johnny Storm, perfectly capturing the roguish charm of the hotheaded youngest member of the team. As he winds up the rest of the Four with his incessant pranks and needling comments, the rest of us are finally having some fun. It’s a testament to Evan’s range that it’s such a different performance from the stoic Steve Rogers.