8 Awesome Moments From The Doctor Strange Comic-Con Trailer


James Gunn said that the footage shown from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at Comic-Con this past Saturday wouldn’t be released online, and it hasn’t been. However, Marvel Studios more than made up for that by debuting a brand new trailer for Doctor Strange, the first of their Phase 3 movies which reaches the big screen this November courtesy of director Scott Derrickson.

It didn’t reveal a whole lot more than that first teaser did in terms of plot details, but the latest preview for this highly anticipated release was still packed full of never before seen footage, which made it clear that Doctor Strange is going to be Marvel’s most unique – and quite possibly most exciting – movie to date.


Benedict Cumberbatch taking on the role of the Sorcerer Supreme is something fans spent years dreaming about (he’s one of those rare casting decisions which was suggested online long before the studio picked him), and he looks set to deliver in a big way here.

So, with all that in mind, we’ve broken down the Doctor Strange trailer’s biggest and best moments, giving you a couple of reasons why they’re significant and what they could mean for the film.