8 Awesome Scenes From Awful Superhero Movies

8) Enter Wonder Woman – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Yes, we did just say that it is too soon to call BvS one of the worst superhero movies ever, but it certainly did disappoint a great number of people, which earns it a dishonourable mention here.

The main crime the movie commits is that it’s far too gloomy for a film that’s meant to start the pants-wettingly exciting prospect of the Justice League being realized on the big screen. One ray of sunshine comes during the final fight against Doomsday, though. When things don’t look to be going well for Bats and Supes, Diana Prince (introduced earlier in the film) finally turns up in full Wonder Woman armour to give them some much needed back-up.

To see the debut of a character who has been waiting 75 long years for a cinematic outing should bring a smile to just about any comic book fan’s face. Even composers Hanz Zimmer and Junkie XL knew how great this scene was and adorned it with the best piece of music in the whole movie.