8 Bat-Family Members Who We Need To See On The Big Screen Soon


Batman might be the DC superhero with the most movies under his belt, and his rogues gallery have passed into popular culture, but his evergrowing bunch of sidekicks and crime-fighting associates have been poorly treated on film. The only movie that has really tried to tackle the idea of a Bat-Family is Batman & Robin, and we all know how that turned out.

The current iteration of the character we are familiar with casts the Dark Knight as an eternal loner, although that looks to be challenged by his inclusion in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. While he will obviously fight with the Big Blue Boy Scout at first, the pair will eventually come together and form the Justice League. This surely proves that Ben Affleck’s Bats is more of a team player than other recent portrayals.

Hopefully, then, the solo Batman film, which Affleck will also direct, will explore the idea of the Bat-Family further. And if it does, here are eight Bat-Family members who we really need to see on the big screen, either in a new, improved version or for the very first time.