8 Bat-Family Members Who We Need To See On The Big Screen Soon


8) Tim Drake (Robin/Red Robin)


After the most famous Robin, Dick Grayson, and the most infamous, Jason Todd, Tim Drake is often unfairly forgotten. Any fan of the DC Animated Universe though will know that this is unfair, as he made for a great sidekick in The New Batman Adventures (although he had an unhappy end, courtesy of the Joker).

As such, if the movies were to feature a Robin, they would probably plump for one of those first two. Don’t fear, though, as Tim Drake can still be used in his persona as Red Robin. It’s basically his version of Dick Grayson’s Nightwing; a darker vigilante identity for him to take after graduating from being Batman’s sidekick.

Red Robin might not be one of the first characters that DC are looking to introduce to a wider audience but, if the franchise succeeds, he could well be added a few films down the line.

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