8 Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Rumors We Hope Come True


While Marvel and DC fans continue to bicker over which will be better, there’s no denying that both Captain America: Civil War and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice are 2016’s most highly anticipated releases. While the former will see the Avengers divided, the latter is all about establishing the DC Extended Universe and assembling the Justice League. Oh, and Batman and Superman kicking each other’s butts as well.

With any big movie comes a lot of rumours, and Batman V Superman is no exception to that. It honestly feels like we’ve heard a new rumour about the film nearly each and every single week since it was first announced. Seriously, the rumor mill on this one never seems to end.


Here, though, we’ve rounded up the eight biggest Batman V Superman rumours from the past year or so, focusing specifically on the ones we’re most hoping end up coming true. If Zack Snyder delivers on even half of these, there’s every chance that the Dawn of Justice will overshadow a certain Civil War. From surprise cameos to plot twists, we’re really hoping that all of these rumors make it into the final cut.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on for the 8 rumors that we’re hoping come true once Snyder’s superhero showdown hits theatres next year.