8 Best Moments From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Fans have been worrying about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ever since it was announced. Would a spinoff from the main series work? Do we actually need another prequel movie? Later on, rumours that the final edit had been taken out of director Gareth Edwards’ hands and extensive reshoots had been staged all pointed to a less than positive picture indeed.

Thankfully, we can now say that all the worrying was for nothing. The film has been received incredibly well and most agree that it’s stronger in some areas than the mega-popular The Force AwakensFor really putting the Wars in Star Wars, this grittier take on the franchise is totally unique when compared to the rest of the series and has already raced up many people’s rankings of the Star Wars films.

From awesome action sequences to welcome nods to the past (or rather, future), Rogue One is full of memorable moments and here are 8 of our favorites.