The 8 Best Origin Stories In Superhero Movies

5) Guardians Of The Galaxy

As has been said many times, Guardians of the Galaxy was a very risky move for Marvel back in 2014. With a different tone, scope and setting from their other movies, fans could have been turned away by the changes. Thankfully, the studio knew to wrap it all up in a classic origin story.

In a similar way to Deadpool, beneath James Gunn’s irreverent approach Guardians shared many similar beats with other MCU origins films. Like Iron Man or even Thor, our heroes are wayward sorts with heart who learn to be better people while stopping a villain in possession of an Infinity Stone.

Like The Avengers before it, though, the film gives each of its team a chance to shine – from Star-Lord’s love of classic rock to Groot’s winningly sweet demeanour. This is even more impressive when you consider that these were fresh, unheard of characters for most of the audience, rather than the tried and tested cast of Joss Whedon’s movie.