8 Burning Questions We Have After Watching Venom


Venom hit theaters this week and it’s fair to say it’s got folks talking.

Critics reacted savagely to the movie, with some calling it one of the worst superhero films in years. Audiences have responded much more positively, however, though some have still lamented the changes it makes to the iconic Spider-Man villain.

Whatever your opinion on Venom, you have to concede that it does leave us with a lot of questions by the time the credits roll. With a relatively lean runtime of 1 hour and 50 minutes, the movie doesn’t get the chance to fully explore character motivations, the mythology it establishes or build up its world as much as we might like. As such, it’s left to fans to try to fill in the gaps and make sense of the things that don’t make sense in the movie itself.

On that note, here are 8 burning questions that we’re asking after watching Venom. If you have answers to these queries or you have any additional questions yourself, feel free to join the conversation in the comments section down below.

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