8 Burning Questions We Have After Watching Wonder Woman


In Wonder Womanthe DCEU finally has a movie that’s universally adored as well as one that’s raking in a massive amount of cash. One of the big strengths of the film is that it cuts out nearly all of the connections to the wider universe that often left us scratching our heads in the likes of Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeBy focusing on simply and effectively telling Diana of Themyscira’s origins, it was able to be a much more satisfying film that told a complete story.

However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have any questions floating around our heads by the time the credits rolled. As with any movie, Wonder Woman has more than a few plot holes or elements that aren’t fully explained – and we want answers. Of course, there are several things that have deliberately been left open ended and will probably be addressed in the sequel, but Patty Jenkins’ film still raised its fair share of questions.

Here, we’ve compiled 8 of the biggest. As always, if you have any of your own that we may have missed, be sure to share them in the comments section down below.

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