9 Characters We Want Spider-Man To Team Up With On The Big Screen

Captain Marvel

Brie Larson is set to debut as the MCU’s first ever female lead (you took your time, guys!) in 2019’s Captain Marvel, which will open the door to many new storytelling opportunities for the franchise’s future. One of those is giving us another hero we want to see Spidey team up with.  

Spider-Man and Captain Marvel have worked together many times in the comics, both in and out of their superhero costumes. They were both employed by the Daily Bugle and even once went on a date. In the MCU, the characters’ romantic connection could be given a humorous twist – it’d be funny to see the teenage Spidey crushing on his older Avengers teammate.

The first time that Spider-Man and Captain Marvel are set to share the screen will be in Avengers 4, though we shouldn’t expect there to be a lot of time for them to get to know each other in the jam-packed event movie. Thankfully, there’s more room for this to happen over Phase 4, as you can bet that Carol Danvers will have a major presence in the MCU going forward – as will Tom Holland’s Spidey.