8 Controversial Comic Book Movie Castings That Worked Out For The Best

8) Ben Affleck

The most recent example of a controversial comic book movie casting is, of course, Ben Affleck being hired as Bruce Wayne for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

When it was announced that Affleck would play The Dark Knight, you might remember that the internet exploded with fury. How could the guy from Good Will Hunting ever pull it off as an intimidating action star?

As it turns out, BvS was the source of a ton of controversy on its own when it was released, due to the muddled storyline and gloomy tone. However, most were in agreement that Affleck gave one of the film’s best performances, embodying the grizzled over-the-hill playboy of Bruce Wayne and the no-holds-barred ferocity of this version of Batman.

The presentation of Batman in the film might have ruffled some feathers, but Affleck’s turn was enough to get people excited to see him lead his own solo film.