8 Directors Who Can Replace Bryan Singer And Save The X-Men Franchise

8) Steven S. DeKnight

Steven S Deknight

Steven S. DeKnight did what many thought impossible when he successfully rebooted Daredevil, but what’s interesting about that is the episode he directed (the finale) felt really out of place when compared to the previous instalments. It was by no means bad, far from it in fact, but it felt a little too comic book-y for the tone that the series had established up to that point.

However, DeKnight approaching X-Men in a similar fashion would actually be a good thing, and if he can steer The Man Without Fear successfully through twelve hours of TV, chances are that the director and self confessed comic book fan could do the same for these characters. The filmmaker has been hired to direct Pacific Rim 2, but with little to no movement on that front, X-Men could very well be something he works on before cameras start rolling on that long delayed sequel.