8 Horror Films That Hollywood Should Remake Soon


Should any film ever be remade? Well, Hollywood certainly thinks so, and there seems to be an unending supply of directors who think they can improve on what’s gone before. Whatever the final result, and of course every filmmaker sets out to make the best film they can, the new production will always be subjected to the harshest scrutiny when compared with an often loved original. Clearly unfazed by any potential negativity, studio execs seem convinced that the most suitable target for remakes is the good old horror flick.

Recently, we’ve had updated versions of well-known films that have lacked any real quality, from the disappointing (Carrie) to the downright awful (Halloween), but nevertheless this trend shows few signs of letting up.


The problem is that horror fans are arguably more passionate than most about their genre and as such take easy offence at what is perceived as simply “cashing in.” But with a horror back catalogue so full and so bulging at the fleshy seams, it seems unnecessary to subject some of the accepted classics to this form of perceived desecration.

With that in mind, we take a look at a few of the horror films that, if one was absolutely set on producing a remake, would benefit from a modern updating.

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