8 Obscure X-Men Characters We Need To See In Deadpool 2


The original X-Men trilogy and subsequent spinoffs pushed Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine to the fore, often at the expense of other potentially more interesting characters, but the success of Deadpool proves that the franchise no longer needs to rely exclusively on recognizable names.

While Negasonic Teenage Warhead isn’t going to best Wolverine in a popularity contest any time soon, Brianna Hildebrand’s portrayal of the angsty teen won over fans with her deadpan delivery and kickass detonation powers. Now that Deadpool 2 has been confirmed, the writers at Fox have the chance to delve even further into the X-Men’s back catalogue to find more obscure mutants to use in the upcoming sequel.

Join us, then, as we count down the likes of bird men, scaly prostitutes and surfboarding idiots who could all join Deadpool on his next foul-mouthed adventure.