8 Questions We Have After Watching Doctor Strange


7) Will Rachel McAdams Get More To Do Next Time?


Much was said before Doctor Strange came out about its high-caliber cast. With three Oscar-nominated actors and one Oscar winner in the credits list, would they all get a decent crack at the whip? Unfortunately, someone in the ensemble did draw the short straw – and that’s Rachel McAdams.

As Strange’s New York-bound love interest Christine Palmer, McAdams is kept out of the main loop of the narrative and only prominently appears in the first act and a bit of the second. She’s still a more likeable romantic foil than certain other characters we could mention, but a bit more from Christine would have been nice.


Hopefully, McAdams will get a lot more to do in the sequel. The first movie ends on a surprisingly ambiguous note regarding the relationship between Strange and Christine, so the follow-up will presumably put a lot of emphasis on clearing up their complicated love life.

With any luck, it will also flesh out Christine beyond her feelings for Stephen. Perhaps she could even become Night Nurse – the medical practitioner who treats injured superheroes in the comics? Claire Temple looks to be going the same way in the TV shows, but the MCU is surely big enough for two such characters.

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