8 Reasons Why Deadpool 2 Will Be Better Than Its Predecessor

Scott Summers’ Bouncing Baby Boy From The Future

Ever since Wade announced in the post-credits scene of Deadpool that Nathan Summers/Cable would be appearing in the sequel, we all geeked out over the news. Later on, our excitement reached boiling point when it was announced that Josh Brolin would portray the mutant from the future. How can you not be in ecstasy at the thought of Brolin as Cable, people?!

You see, Cable is one of the most badass heroes in Marvel Comics. From his big guns to the even bigger guns on his arms, he’s the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the X-Men universe. You screw with him, and he’ll destroy you without a second thought. He has zero chill and no time for nonsense. And this is what will make his dynamic with Deadpool even more intriguing, since Wade is renowned for his constant B.S.

Choosing an actor of the caliber of Brolin in this role is a major statement of intent from the studio as well. He’s not only a gigantic movie star, but he’s also no stranger to comic book properties; therefore, making it as clear as daylight that he possesses a love for the medium. Hopefully, his affection for the art form will seep into his performance, too.