9 Reasons Why Logan Is The Greatest X-Men Movie


Hugh Jackman’s days of gelling his hair up into two wolf-ear points are over, as his final movie as Wolverine has now arrived. As it turns out, Logan is one heck of a way to go, receiving critical acclaim and smashing its way through the box office. Deservedly so, too, as it’s arguably one of the finest superhero films of the decade.

Now, we can’t claim that Logan is perfect. Its sombre tone isn’t for everyone, there’s an argument to be made that it’s a tad too long, the threat is a bit undercooked and there’s a subplot introduced halfway through that feels closer to the sillier excesses of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. However, it is largely a terrific production and, despite its flaws, it’s still the most engaging, smartest, thrilling, emotional and all round greatest X-Men movie yet.

Don’t believe us? Here are 9 reasons that might help convince you. Before you begin reading, though, know that while we’ve tried to keep things spoiler free, it’d still be best to bookmark this page and return later if you haven’t yet seen the film. If you’ve already had the pleasure of watching it, however, then read on!