8 Moments In Avengers: Infinity War That Completely Surprised Us


Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of the past ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every movie in the series, to some degree, has paved the way for all of the galaxy’s mightiest heroes to come together to take on Thanos as he attempts to collect all six Infinity Stones and decimate the universe. As the Russos have put it, this is the beginning of the final chapter of the book that started in 2008’s Iron Man.

Having said that, though, even those fans who’ve seen all 19 movies to date and know them inside out are not prepared for what happens in Infinity War. The Avengers have faced some tough challenges over the years, but this is by far the most high stakes threat they’ve ever come across. As such, the film takes many turns that move the plot in directions we never expected – as well as featuring a few surprise cameos along the way, too.

We could simply list every major development in the movie here but instead, we’ve whittled it down to the 8 most shocking moments from Infinity War. Be warned, though, we’ll be going into full spoiler territory, so turn away now if you’ve yet to see the film. Otherwise, let’s get started. *Snaps fingers*