7 Star Wars Anthology Movies We’d Rather Have Than A Han Solo Prequel


As you probably well know, production on the latest movie in the Star Wars saga has now ground to a halt due to some major behind-the-scenes problems. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been fired from the Han Solo spinoff, which only has three weeks left of principal photography, due to “creative differences” with screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.

The crux of the issue seems to be that the two sides have very different views on what the film should be. While there’s no doubt more to the story than just that, it does make you wonder whether this argument stems from the fact that there was a problem with the concept of the movie in the first place. After all, did the origins story of Han Solo really need to be told?

To be clear, we do actually have faith that Lucasfilm will be able to turn this situation around and produce another enjoyable outing. In all fairness, they haven’t put a wrong foot forth yet with the revived series of films and Rogue One survived a very similar obstacle to this one – the movie was significantly reshot, with Tony Gilroy replacing director Gareth Edwards – and it turned out to be fantastic.

Still, that being said, there are a bunch of other movies that we’d rather have seen released under the Star Wars Anthology banner instead of a Han Solo prequel. Even if they aren’t in active development now, let’s hope that Lucasfilm gets to work on at least one or two of the following seven projects in the near future, as we think that any of them would make for a better film than the upcoming spinoff.

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