8 Superheroes That Should Go R-Rated Next


Deadpool, 20th Century Fox’s foul-mouthed and borderline groundbreaking superhero movie, has so far made over $700 million worldwide. Meanwhile, Netflix’s series Daredevil has just returned for an even bloodier second season, and it’s generating more hype than ever before. Predictably, thanks to these projects’ enormous success, Hollywood is looking to jump on the bandwagon and make a number of its upcoming superhero movies R-rated.

Marvel Studios has flat-out refused to go R, but some superhero joints on the 2016/2017 slate are already getting in on the action. Batman V Superman is unfortunately PG-13, but when it’s released on home video the film will arrive in a longer, R-rated cut, something unthinkable prior to the success of Deadpool.

It can surely only be a matter of time before other superhero properties start to follow suit, and here are eight characters that would do well to go R-rated next.