8 Superman Supporting Characters That We Need To See In His Next Movie



When Warner Bros. announced the slate for their DC Films Universe, the long rumoured Man of Steel sequel wasn’t among them, though a press release promised that another solo adventure for Superman was in the works. Seeing as Batman also didn’t get a firm date, it appears as if the studio is waiting to see how well Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice does before giving either of these heroes another solo adventure on the big screen.

Man of Steel did fairly well both critically and commercially though, so you have to believe that he’ll get the chance to shine by himself again at some point down the line. Of course, with Henry Cavill (and Zack Snyder) locked into two Justice League movies, there may be quite a wait, especially after rumours of Mad Max: Fury Road director taking the helm amounted to nothing.


When Superman does get his sequel though, which characters from the comic books should join him? While we’ve already met familiar faces like Martha Kent, Lois Lane, and Perry White, there are still a lot of great supporting characters who could have a huge impact on the way the hero’s story plays out moving forward.

Here, you will find eight of characters who we’d love to see in Supes’ next solo outing. Some are more likely to appear than others, but we hope that eventually they’ll all make their way to the big screen.

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