8 Underappreciated Movies From Great Directors


No running back is incapable of fumbling the ball, just as no filmmaker is incapable of creating a flop. Everyone stumbles at one point or another, it’s just life, and directors are no exception.

Just because Movie B may not be as great as Movie A though, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. Unfortunately, however, people only remember the best of the best and that’s why often, acclaimed directors can put out solid films that get overlooked, such as these 8 movies.

We don’t mean to suggest that they’re not enjoyable or aren’t respected bodies of work, just that compared to their creator’s other efforts, these flicks are generally stored in the back of audience’s minds. From Quentin Tarantino to Stanley Kubrick, everyone falls of their A game once in a while and even though these don’t represent their finest hours, they’re all still worth a watch.