8 Upcoming Science Fiction Films That Deserve Your Attention

Charting the genre’s resurgence one galaxy traversing story at a time…

It’s no secret that Hollywood’s reserve of fresh, innovative ideas is beginning to peter out. Like a booming coal mine during the industrial revolution, the once abundant minerals have been exhausted and all that remain are fragmented film scripts that inevitably end up on the infamous Hollywood ‘Black list’ – a collection of unproduced screenplays that reside in development hell for varying reasons, such as a lack of funding from a studio.

And so, executive heads search for unique storylines that don’t stray too far from what audiences’ desire. Unfortunately, the reason sequels govern the cinematic calendar is because studios have become apprehensive when financing a film outside the formula for success. In particular, summer blockbusters such as Pirates of the Caribbean, a franchise that should have retired as a trilogy but, instead, has outgrown its plot structure and become a financially sound monstrosity that inadvertently stifles originality. It seems ingenuity has been ushered out of the theatre to enforce a filmmaking by committee mentality which, coupled with the currently stringent economy, has pushed the once burgeoning film industry against the wall.

Be that as it may, there is a genre that has stood against these conventions and broke new ground outside the mundane framework. These bold, high concept films have existed like an endangered animal recently. Hunted to the point of extinction for their science fiction novelty and subsequently, their presence on the screen has become somewhat of a rarity in recent years. But now, in a post-Inception world, the demand for this uncommon breed of film has grown exponentially. And that’s a good thing, so let’s get on the road and have a look at what 2013 has to offer in terms of sci-fi.

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…

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  1. Cameron Demmingssays:

    Star Trek must see Sci-Fi? Not in this universe. It’s a live action Saturday morning kiddie cartoon. Nothing more.

    1. Guestsays:

      Don’t do drugs kids

  2. Razvigorsays:

    Oh, please, change the layout of the article!
    Seriously, for every entry on the list, I have to click NEXT, which in turns opens a WHOLE NEW PAGE, with new banners and stuff.
    Seriously, either make two pages, and break the list in half, or do a certain ”slideshow” option, where you can click NEXT for every entry, without your browser having to open a whole new page.
    Some of the people don’t have a fast connection (or are browsing with their phones), so I really don’t see a reason good enough for this.

    1. n8csquaredsays:

      Pretty sure its done to artificially increase page views…kind of a lowly trick and something most sites have moved past. I feel like it was only recently reintroduced here as I don’t remember it when first coming to visit last summer.

    2. Yup, nothing worse that clicking next… next… next… next…next…

    3. PorfirioRsays:

      That is why all these articles follow the formula:
      Top X things that you didn’t know about Y. (“X” being the number of clicks they want to get).
      The most grabbing headlines are usually the ones with the words “worst” or “best” because people always have an opinion about those.

      That’s why I make it a point to only read the first page and scroll down to the comments, where the readers invariably give up what is in the list and I decide then if the stupid site gets another one of my clicks.

  3. Cauleyflowersays:

    Very excited about Enders Game. One if my all time favorite books. The only thing young adult about it is the characters.

    1. loto68says:

      I refuse to see it. I won’t let it ruin my memories of my favorite book of all time.

      1. John Burnettesays:

        Hey, keep an open mind. The reviews from the first week will tell you if the movie was faithful to the book. The teasers which have been released thus far seem pretty awesome.

    2. Lisa Futvoye-Shepherdsays:

      Definitely will see “Ender’s Game”, but I am disappointed that they cast actors far too old for their roles…IF the screen writers had followed the book.

  4. Shyamalamadingdongsays:

    Are you not counting some of the things that Shyamalan has directed as films? (I wouldn’t blame you.) Because this will be his ninth, not seventh.
    I’m not even going to bother watching it.

  5. Pacific Rim is totally original…doesn’t look ANYTHING like Transformers……

    1. oonbitersays:

      I don’t know why they don’t just do turning evolved by david kitson. So much better and it isn’t a shitty nock off or reboot.

    2. Ryoma N.says:

      To be honest, giant robots fighting giant monsters or other enemies isn’t anything new. That stuff has been around a long time *cough*Gigantor*cough*. But seriously, I can name a lot of plot elements from this movie that have been used in mecha anime long before this; neural piloting (Evangelion and G Gundam), enemies/monsters from an interdimensional portal at the bottom of the ocean (Gaiking: The Legend of Daiku Maryu), even the most famous super robot attack: the Rocket Punch (originating in the early seventies with Mazinger Z)! Plus the name of the monsters – Kaiju – is taken from the Japanese name of the giant monsters genre of movies (like Godzilla and Gamera). Basically, this isn’t original; though that doesn’t mean it won’t be good. I am really looking forward to seeing this! As I see it, Pacific Rim will be a original live action mecha genre movie, and that is what interests me.

    3. Ernst Preusssays:

      Comparing Pacific Rim to Transformers is like comparing Jurassic Park to Barny the Dinosaur.

  6. ispitzhotfiresays:

    After Earth… ha!!

  7. Riddick looks like a reboot. I mean really, the plot is exactly the same as Pitch Black.

  8. tonysays:

    Why are you calling Enders Game a YA story?? Very misleading. I hope the filmmakers didn’t turn it into one!

    1. John Burnettesays:

      Admittedly I first read Ender’s Game after my two teenage sons raved about it. But Tony is totally right, it’s first rate SciFi and is accessible at all sorts of levels.

  9. ipoonjoosays:

    Pacific Rim sounds like the anime, evangelion. so not really a new idea (its about children who pilot huge robots to save a dying humanity from the “angles” who are also huge and powerful”. sounds about the same.

    1. Ryoma N.says:

      Hey somebody who knows about giant robots other than Transformers and power Rangers; that’s nice to see! And I do see similarities to evangelion as well as many other mecha anime. Heck I even saw what can be classified as a rocket punch in the trailer (granted the arm doesn’t detach, it’s still a rocket propelled punch none the less.)

  10. Oonbitersays:

    You filth you decrepit waste of space A: enders game was here first so kartniss can shove my dr.device up her ass and B: Petra doesn’t fucken matter valentine does considering she’s in the next 4 books.

    1. Patriciasays:

      Petra is not Valentine. Valentine is Ender’s sister. 🙂
      But I’m pretty sure you know this.

      1. EndarsGameftwsays:


    2. EndarsGameftwsays:

      Learn grammar and spelling. I barely read your comment.

  11. rudeboisays:

    After Earth was such a disappointment. It felt like half the movie was left out, maybe because all the good parts where in the trailers. Kitai wouldn’t have made out the front door of that ship much less across that “harsh” future Earth. Which didn’t turn out to be all that harsh. And would someone please tell Jr. Smith that it’s okay to change his facial expression every so often. Either that or get a laxative. I’m just saying.

  12. The Dudesays:

    My favorite book ever Enders game I hope it lives up to my expectations

    1. John Burnettesays:

      My MOST favorite SciFi series was Dune, and we all know how that turned out…

      1. TheRedRatsays:

        Seriously? David Lynch’s Dune totally rocked.

        Ender’s Game has potential to be interesting as long as they don’t sequel it with “Speaker for the Dud”

      2. John Burnettesays:

        Opinions differ about Lynch’s Dune. He had the good sense to select Sting, but the special effects of the day were not up to the challenges.

        I agree, Ender’s Game had about 4 too many sequels. (as did Dune as a matter of fact.)

      3. Patriciasays:

        About 6 prequels (or more?) and still going strong with the sequels.

      4. Patriciasays:

        True. It’s like the Stephen King movies, they are never as good as the books.

    2. Patriciasays:

      Me too, or else there’s no franchise.

  13. How is Pacific Rim so highly hyped? One of the main points of the post was its original story…have you ever seen Power Rangers? Large Monsters fighting humans in large robots…It was on television for ten years and was terrible.

    1. Ryoma N.says:

      You obviously haven’t seen the true mecha genre… try Shin Getter Robo Armageddon or Mazinkaiser SKL (both of which are newer, more violent versions of old 70s classic super robots) before you start calling it terrible. Besides Giant robots (Mecha) have been around forever (actually starting around 1880 with Jules Verne’s book The Steam House, and even H.G. Wells’ book The War of the Worlds.) Power Rangers, an Americanization of Japan’s Super Sentai franchise which as been around since the 70s, is aimed at children, as is its aforementioned predecessor, though the Super Sentai series happens to show people getting injured and/or killed by the monsters as well as be less “childish” than Power Rangers in general. Though I do agree its “original” plot isn’t so, unless your one of the many people who don’t anything about giant robots/mecha other than Transformers (co-op between Hasbro and Takara Tomy), Voltron (heavily edited dub of King o Beasts GoLion), and Power Rangers (Americanization of the Super sentai series starting at Kyouryuu Sentai ZyuRanger). In short Giant Robots have been around before television so though your argument about Pacific Rim not having an original plot is valid, it is not entirely accurate (especially when comparing it to something as tame and family friendly as Power Rangers).

  14. meesasays:

    started with a tom cruise movie, wooden generic action actor, not thanks, ill skip this run down

  15. Ryoma N.says:

    Pacific Rim is the only one of these that interests me to be honest. Ender’s Game looked interesting since Harrison Ford is in it, but after looking at the plot (and finding that the source material is from some teen fad (corporate) “novel”), I lost interest. I am not sure about Star Trek. I love the original series and Next Generation, but everything I’ve seen after those was a soap opera in space; no doubt Star Trek into Darkness will be any different… Hollywood can’t come up with anything that interests me anymore. That’s why I mostly watch old movies and TV programs as well as anime and things less generic and crappy as today’s Hollywood garbage based on teenage fads (zombies and wussy vampires), generic plots (EVERY romantic comedy in recent years has the same exact plot; boy meets girl, boy pisses off girl, boy regains girl’s love through some stupid act that would normally NEVER work, and happily ever after), or horrible adaptations of popular franchises (Transformers, Dragonball Z, and Godzilla) intended to appeal to everyone but to people said franchise is popular with.

    1. Guestsays:

      Wait…you just called Ender’s Game a teen fa corporate novel????


    2. Patriciasays:

      You only want to see Ender’s Game because Harrison Ford is in it. That means you haven’t read the book. It was written way before any of the latest, silly vampire or hunger games books, and it’s by far superior to any of them.

    3. RyomaNeedsToDropTheActsays:

      Read the book before you pull a hipster “too good for the mainstream” act. Ender’s Game is an excellent book, and is not one of the recent “teen fads” you blindly despise. No zombies, no pointless romances (the characters are all pre-pubescent).

      While I loved the book and its sequels and spinoffs, I have low expectations for the movie. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it on some level, but I’ll regard it as separate from the books. Orson Scott Card (the author of the book) himself said that the screenplay is quite different when compared to the book.

    4. Alseesays:

      “(and finding that the source material is from some teen fad (corporate) ‘novel’), I lost interest.”

      You know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, you even mis-read the cover. It’s nothing like what you think. The Ender’s Game novel is not remotely corporate. It’s not remotely faddish. And while it is popular with teens (the main characters are actually pre-teen), it’s not remotely limited to a teens audience. It won both the the Nebula Award and the Hugo Award, the top awards for best science fiction of the year. Those awards are judged on a general adult audience standard. It’s also recommended reading by the United States marine Corps.

      Ender’s Game appears on *every* list I’ve ever seen for “all-time top SciFi novels”. It’s normally in the top three and it very often takes the #1 slot. Averaging across many such lists Ender’s Game appears to solidly hold the #1 position. Dune is the other novel consistently taking top slots, and probably averages out to #2. The Top-SciFi lists seem to be a bit chaotic on their ordering for all the other expected best-of-SciFi novels.

  16. Psawed Psays:

    The contrast between Ender’s Game and Hunger Games are huge and the only thing linking them together, and this is a stretch, is the main characters are kids. Hunger Games are teens, Ender’s Game the kids haven’t even entered puberty. That said, if the author of this article had read the books there’s now way he could have made the connection. Comparing Ender’s Game with Hunger Games is like trying to compare Star Trek with The Blob…

    1. John Burnettesays:

      Obviously the kids in the story are older in the movie than in the book. I think that’s an acceptable alteration made necessary by needing actors that can actually act.

      But I disagree with Psawed P, there are valid comparisons between the two books, placing very young characters in highly stressed and morally complex situatons come to mind…

  17. John Burnettesays:

    ENDER’S GAME will shatter records. Why? because the fan base is huge and will see the movie 10 times each.

    Now, if only someone in Hollywood would remake STARSHIP TROOPERS the way Heinlein wrote it….

    1. Stansays:

      I read somewhere that was a possibility,but it has been many years of waiting now.What they did make was a tounge in cheek parody of a great book,not bad in it’s own way, but definatily not the original.

  18. Bananavillesays:

    Left off World War Z, and Superman? Prob looking forward to Pacific Rim the most. Already saw Star Trek ID, and it was excellent.

  19. HellRazorsays:

    Can Elysium run Crysis?

    1. Alseesays:

      Yes, but you only get 4 frames per second.

  20. eleenasays:

    i see a doctor who quote there…. ” roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…”

    1. EleenaKnowsMoviessays:

      That’s not Dr. Who…. It’s from Back to the Future (Doc Brown).

    2. Marksays:

      fuck them all

  21. Fergal O'Harasays:

    pacific rim =

  22. John Taylorsays:

    Saw Star Trek. Worth going to see. Will not see anything with Cruise in it after the first M.I. movie.

  23. Stefsays:

    Enders Game one of the best scifi books of all time

  24. Capn Samsays:

    Oh please, its Godzilla meets Real Steel. Sorry Guillermo I’m a huge fan but I think this ones gonna flop.

  25. mbuga zack rodericksays:

    i like this coming sci_fiction movie whats the tittle

  26. Ernst Preusssays:

    Pacific Rim for the win. I’ve waited 40 years for this movie and on seeing it, my inner 10 year old loved it and then some. Can’t wait to see it for the third time.

  27. EndarsGameftwsays:

    Ender’s Game should have been number 1. I have been waiting for that movie. The book was fucking amazing. I’m going to read it for the 10th time now (I know, I need to read it more. Obv not a true fan)

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