8 Brilliant Mind-Bending Movies That You Need To See

There are a hell of a lot of movies out there which are essentially the same films with different faces.  This familiarity can be exhausting, so when you see a movie that mixes things up a bit and has the audacity to put your brain in a blender, it can be a truly uplifting experience. It’s nice to stretch your mind once in a while and take in something that’s a little different.

Listed in this article are movies that shake things up so much that by the time the credits roll, you’re left feeling like a peppercorn that’s been in a grinder. These films are outrageous, weird and head-scratchingly brilliant pieces of cinema. Not quite avant-garde to the point where everything is utterly nonsensical, but rather breaking codes of convention whilst adhering to many of the movie laws that kind of need to stay in place to keep audiences entertained.

If you fancy giving yourself a vicarious, dizzy thrill akin to a repeated roller-coaster ride around the pages of a giant philosophy compilation textbook, then these 8 movies are a good place to start.