9 Incredibly Divisive Superhero Films

Debating superhero films has the potential of causing a nuclear holocaust. Fandoms are so passionate about these characters and movies that they’ll fight you to the death – or at least into an instant block on Twitter.

No matter what the critics say (and who really cares what those losers think, right?), many flicks develop a cult-like following regardless of bad reviews or poor word of mouth. This is what we’re here to discuss today: the divisive comic book movies of recent years. Before you ask, please note that we’re excluding Justice League from this list as it’s too early to tell where it falls on the spectrum.

This is all a matter of opinion, of course and as always, if you agree or disagree with any of our listed picks – or feel like having a massive rant about these movies – please take to the comments section down below.

So, do you have your big boy panties on? Good, because starting on the next page, we’ll be looking at the most divisive superhero films ever.